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The urban park in Riyadh is a key part of the city’s masterplan for a vibrant and sustainable urban environment. The park provides a much-needed green space for the city’s residents to relax, exercise and connect with nature. As part of the masterplan, the park is equipped with a range of modern support amenities that enhance the visitor experience and promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The entrance to the park is a grand and inviting gateway that leads visitors into a world of lush greenery and modern design. The pathway through the park is lined with modern benches and seating areas that are shaded by elegant canopies. These seating areas are designed to encourage socializing and create a sense of community among park visitors.

In addition to the fitness centre and walking trails, the park also offers a range of dining options. The modern café is a popular destination for visitors looking for a healthy snack or refreshing drink, while the restaurant offers a more upscale dining experience with stunning views of the park’s beautiful landscape.

Overall, the urban park support amenities are an integral part of the city’s masterplan for a sustainable and healthy urban environment. The modern design and range of amenities cater to the diverse needs of the city’s residents and promote an active and healthy lifestyle in a beautiful and tranquil setting