Our founders have an extensive international experience and broad regional expertise in various sectors. We show some of the key projects form the majority experience of the founders outlining an outstanding experience.


The Team

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre,
Riyadh, KSA
KCC International Campus,
Cairo, Egypt

Inspired by the rich history of the country as well as the surounding nature. The building design reflects the materiality and theming of the space around the plot. The campus masterplan caters for K-12 international school where the biophilic design is emphasized within the school buildings and being the first ‘STEAM’ school in Egypt and Africa

ALOFT Hotel Complex,
Alain, UAE

A peice of hospitality sites within the greater masterplan of Shk Hazaa Bin Zayed Stadium at Garden City of AlAin.

The hotel was shaped to offer ts guests 360 views over the masterplan and the outstanding stadium design.

ACS International Campus,
Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

from the PAST to the FUTURE,
from the CITY to the OASIS,,
from the OLD to the NEW …

The masterplan was shaped to offier a new benchamrk to the K-12 schools in the emirates and the region. The buildings wrap around a central courtyard emphsizing the sense of family

AlMuneera Primary School,
Aldar Academies,
AlRaha Beach, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Being the first campus in AlRaha Beach operated by Aldar Academies just puts the campus under the spot to be one of the top facilities in the emirates.

This primary school was design to offer the young students a bright start to their future and building the future leaders from day 1.

We back our process with extensive research and data and we use advanced computational tools and artificial intelligence to create future-proofcities and inspiring environments that
improve the quality of life.

the ‘OPUS’ Luxury Apartments
Dubai, UAE

A state-of-art peice of architecture sits within the urban of the Dubai city. One of Zaha’s nop notch designs, offer luxurious offices, commercial clinics and high end branded residences.

The project was designed to create another iconic peice in Dubai setting a new benchamrk for mixed-use developments

Radisson Blu Hotel AlJaddah
Riyadh, KSA

The first Radisson hotel in Riyadh is just giving a new setting line for Radisson group in the Kingdom.

The scope was to fully fit-out the existing building in AlJaddah district giving a new vibes, friendly environment and luxury hospitality.

Radisson Blu Hotel AlJaddah Riyadh, KSA

A new addition to the Radisson Blue family in Riyadh, this particular one was design to meet the hospitality foot fall created at Riyadh City. The building interior designs were incpired by the local culutre as well as the 2030 KSA vision re-introducing the hotel values and design elements within the scheme.

Hazaa Bin Zayed Stadium Mixed-Use Development
AlAin, UAE

The mixed-use development was planned to be the support facility around the unique stadium offer in the garden city of Alain. The scheme offers various
land-uses from sports complexes, residential, commercial and retail and F&B distrcits.

The scheme is part of phase I of the whole scheme where phase II was to include a private residence offer consisting of various sizes of villas and town houses.

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Re-search Centre,
Riyadh, KSA

The 70,000m² KAPSARC campus incorporates five buildings: the Energy Knowledge Centre; the Energy Computer Centre; a Conference Centre with exhibition hall and 300-seat auditorium; a Research Library with archives for 100,000 volumes; and the Musalla, aninspirational place for prayer within the campus.

KAPSARC’s design has solid technical and environmental considerations at its heart, drawing the fiveelements of the campus into a unified whole.

AlMuneera Mixed-Use Development
AlRaha Beach Development - Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi, UAE

To be the first of series of mega mixed-use development at Alraha beach, AlMuneera development offerits users multiple options whether you are over the city or over the sea. The scheme was designed providing various commercial and residential offers to everyone from small to big families.

The towers along the main access road included an office tower at the midele of the front line of the development. Also very unique located beach front villas were planned at the podium edge of the scheme offering outstanding access and views over the water front.

Diyar AlMuharraq Mixed-Use Develop-ment
Manama, Bahrain

The project is located part of the masterplan of Diyar AlMuharraq master development. The development offer various mixed-use plots for clients and developers to further design and build them within the pre-set design guidelines of the scheme.

Our team of architects and designers are experts in their field, with years of experience and a deep understanding of design trends and best practices. We work closely with our clients throughout the design process, from the initial consultation to the final construction, to ensure that their vision is brought to life in a way that exceeds their expectations.

Stone Towers Mixed-Use Development
Carlo, Egypt

The schem was inspired by the ancient Egyptian stonework which incorporates a variety of patterns and textures. Working off this
inspiration, the facades on the North and South elevations of each tower adopt a vocabulary of alternating protrusions, recesses and voids. Such spaces will emphasize light and shadow, which will, in turn, accentuate the curvatures of each building within the development

Boudhib International Education Facility,
AlAin-Abu Dhabi, UAE

This educaiton facility is designed to be part of the greater masterplan of Boudhib City at the main conneciton high way between Abu Dhabi and Alain. The design was to provide very distinct and segregated facilities to boys and girls all across the campus up to the boarding facility within the

The big idea was to caputure all the segregated elements all under one roof and emphsise on the unity, sense of family and the culutral connection across the scheme.

Tullinge Idea House,
Ma’arif Future School Program,
Across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Across 120 sites all over the kingdom, Maaraif future
school program was to provide an international educaiton facility with various typologies to be implied on those sites. The design had to respect the local climate, culutre and suroundings on every single plot across the country.

The early prototype designs provided vibrant look&feel to the school design for all year groups K-12 to set the standards to the other typologies on other sites.

International Egyptian Paviliont,
Venice, Italy

By foldeing the ceiling, wall and floor all together, the design offers a very unique experience to the pavilion visitors to experience the live streaming of the old distrcits of Egypt and feel ‘how we live together’ scheme.

The stepped side wall is inspired by the ancient stepping streets and landscape where people can gather and enjoy their time out. The traditional cafe style was a key of the modern design of the pavilion reflecting how we used to live together in the past and how we can re-introduce this spirtual spaces within the modern urbans of Egypt.

Khorfakkan Beach Development,
Fujeraih, UAE

Scope of works cover the whole beach trans-formation and re-design. The new beach develop-ment included number of key facilities providing international standards to the beach and facilities provided. The sports elements were the main buildings developed part of this phase as well as offering visitors convineint retail stores and F&B destination

Dolphine Energy HQ,
Abu Dhabi UAE
AlRaha Beach Development

Dolphine energy new head quarter offices are planned to be newely positioned at a strategic locaiton at AlRaha Beach in Abu Dhabi. The locaiton inspired the building design as well as the company values, statements and brand.

The building facade design to be dynamic and vibrant utilising a multiple typologies of curtain walling system providing different look&feel to the facade at every angle of the building. The shape of plot influenced the landscape design following the facade lines all the way to the plot edges and the interfaces with the publicrealhm.

Museum Monaco

The team at the studio has international experience, with a deep understanding of design trends and styles from around the world. This international experience allows the studio to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to each project, creating designs that are both unique and relevant in the global marketplace.

Nobel Quran Oasis Madina, KSA

The Nobel Qu’ran Oasis is introducing a new urban landscape on this city site, this oasis is developed around five main interactive points of external plazas. The five main plazas represent the Islamic 5 main pillars of which the program configuration revolves and flows around them, allowing a smooth transition for users between closed, semi closed and open spaces.

CAIRO III Mixed-Use Development,
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Brand new mixed-use development is planned at the heart of Nasr City just breaking the boundaries of the residential and commerical offer in Cairo. The scheme consist of high end clinics, cat A offices, retail and F&B units as well as underground parking levels.

The Residnetial offer provides multiple options from studios to penthouses. All shared facilities are planned to be at the roof top offering the maximum views out to the city and the central courtyards

Dubai Creek Harbour Mixed-Use Development,,
Emaar Properties,
Dubai, UAE

To be one of the top schemes in Dubai, Emaar DCH mixed-use development was designed to provide a distinguished lifestyle along the creek.

All towers were on top of a high end retail and F&B offer supporting the promenade in front of the scheme

Colins Park Place,
California, USA
Burjeel Medical Complex,
MBZ City, Abu Dhabi,

The building designs were treated in a very subtle and unique way providing facade screen reacting to the sun direciton around the
building. Each building was positioned carefuly to offer the ultimate confort to the in-patient with the facility.

ALEF International Campus
First ALEF Campus in Region,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Inspired by a very high tech facility promoting the latest building technologies and educaiton transformation into a digital world, the ALEF campus was shaped to provide the first all-online educaiton facility in the emirates and MENA region.

The buildings facade designs provide uniqueness and well-branded building across the whole campus. We were delighted to work side by side with MVRDV on this interesting project.

Misk Campus and Schools,
Riyadh, KSA

Part of the astonishing Misk City masterplan, this unique and high end facility was design and shaped to take place and offer tailored education stream for the Saudi students in Riyadh.

The campus accommodated a full stream of natural within the school hubs and encouraged the biophilia designs allover the land. The school was directly connected to boys and girls students boarding facility within the plot.

Kent College Cairo
International Campus,
Cairo, Egypt
Aldar Academies, AlMuneera School,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Inspired by the young generation gaming, this primary school was design and shaped to provide an intimate space planning for all students from KG to year 5 accommodating circa 1,200 pupils

ADEC Future School Program, Prototype Campus,
Abu Dhabi & Alain, UAE

To create the first future schools program in the emirates and MENA region, ADEK requested an international facilities to be designed and delivered across 90 sites on both Abu Dhabi and Alain cities. Phase I included 14 schools varying in plot sizes, number of students and the facilities provided within the campus.

The design emhasized on the sustainability and introduced it at the heart of the scheme to be part fo the learning tools to the students.

Kent College Dubai International Campus,
First International Campus in MENA Region,
Dubai, UAE

KCD is the first international campus of Kent College outside the UK. The masterplan was part of the greater scheme of MBR City District ONE in Dubai.

The campus offer an international facility for the
Emirates Airline teams to have an accessible education facility in the neighborhood and ensure the high education quality they get.

Abu Dhabi Ameri-can University,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

The ADAU campus was planned to be at the sea front at a strategic location in Abu Dhabi by AlBateen District which is meant to represent the cultural and institutional districts in the Emirate. All buildings were designed around a central lake hosting the “brain” the
knowledge hub for whole university.

American Community School International Campus,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

In a very strategic location nearby the New York University at Saaidyat Island, the new ACS campus was design to offer a new benchmark of the K-12 education facilities in the Emirates.

The campus comprises of elementary and middle / high school buildings as well as a comprehensive sports complex supported by an outdoor FIFA pitch, basketball courts, 400m track and two international size swimming pools.

PPP Future School Prototype Cam-pus,
Doha, Qatar

A new future school program was announced in Qatar to be a complete
private-public-partnership program.

The program plan to design and build more than 120 facility all over the State of